We are a bit Expensive and More Profitable.

Most companies have fancy mission statements. Ours is simple. We want to feed you the best non veg at your own home. That’s it. To do that, we’re changing the some category by focusing on a few key things:

Best Quality of non veg.

At Nonvegadda We Are Meat Lovers, So When It Comes To The Meat We Put On Your Plate Best Meat, Every Single Product Is Handpicked By A Team With Years Of Experience. We Choose Lambs Only Between 9 and 12 Months Old. Any older and we reject them. Our chickens are weight between 1 and 1.5kg because we will found that bigger birds tend to be rubbery and fibrous.

full value of your money.

Most Other Places First Meat Weight The Meat, Then Cut Up The Pieces And Throw Out The Parts Which Aren’t Fit To Eat But You Still Pay Based On The Original Weight Even Though What You Finally Get Is 10% To 25% Less. At Nonvegadda, We First Clean The Meat, Then Cut, Then Weight. When You Buy 1kg, You Will Get Exactly 1kg. and that meat will be only the best bits- more meat and less bones. so if we look like we cost a little more than others, it’s only because we give you more than others. Thanks for reading. Now you know what we will set out to do and how we are doing it. if you find us slipping, haul us up. we will set it right and ensure that all is happy again. That’s the nonvegadda’s promise.

If it’s not fresh, we won’t sell it.


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