Hello all of you this blog is about nonvegadda .

Non-Veg Adda is Bhopal’s online raw chicken, Raw mutton and raw fish store with Halal processing. With us you can save your time by placing the order online from our online store i.e. www.nonvegadda.com and get your raw nonveg at your doorsteps, All processing is done with Halal standards by keeping best quality as our main concern to get good tastes, nutrition, fresh, clean and healthy meats. We try to give you the best quality products. 

Some nonvegadda’s Benefits are there:-

  1. First raw nonveg store in Bhopal, you get fresh & clean raw nonveg at your doorstep.

  2. It saves your time and prevents you from going to the nonveg market.

  3. You can have raw non-veg food anywhere in Bhopal.

  4. You can order raw nonveg for your friend, family, or someone special whether you are in Bhopal or not.

  5. We can give you non-veg food, raw chicken, raw mutton, and raw fish also.

  6. Do not depend on anyone else to bring non-veg food, order yourself and make yourself.

For those who love non-veg, it is our endeavor to get good non-veg at home.

You can just go online www.nonvegadda.com  &  for any query just call 8819996162.


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